About the Uganda Press Photo Award 2018

Photographers are invited to sign up for the Uganda Press Photo Award 2018 portfolio review. This is your chance to talk to industry professionals and get fresh eyes on a project you’re working on, seek advice on concepts, technique and content, and get insight on how to market yourself and your work better. Some of this year’s reviewers also judged this year’s competitions so you can also seek critical advice on entries you submitted to this year’s competition. However, beware- not all of what you may hear will be flattering. You will receive unfiltered and unbiased feedback from experienced professionals, and it should help you see your photographic work from a new perspective.

Portfolio, from Italian portagogli and portefeuille, in French. The word has several meanings: the wallet in which identity papers and banknotes are kept; in the newspaper layout it’s a pull – out supplement (a certain number of pages) reserved for a sequence of images; it also serves to present a photographer’s work and give an idea of one’s capabilities. There is no need to put too much in – that could be boring and give the impression that you know how to do everything and ultimately nothing (very well). A portfolio must also be composed in relation to what is expected for the person who will see it: to get a commission or be taken on by a gallery. The high standards that go into selection for publication or to show work should not be overlooked. Nowadays there are fewer meetings in person and images travel on the Internet. The e-portfolio has been invented.